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Macrolide lactones, the so called cucujolides derived from unsaturated fatty acids, are aggregation pheromones of cucujid grain beetles. Thirty years ago, Oehlschlarger et al. showed that (3Z,6Z)-dodeca-3,6-dien-11-olide (4) and the respective 12-olide (7) attract the sawtoothed grain beetle Oryzaephilus surinamensis, whereas(More)
Boron dipyrrin (BODIPY) DYEmers bridged by conjugating ethynylene and ethenylene moieties can be prepared through metal-promoted metathesis reactions. Alkyne metathesis was advantageous over alkene metathesis and Stille coupling for BODIPY substrates, but also showed specific restrictions with respect to steric encumbrance and regioselectivity. All(More)
The reaction of [PhC[triple bond]MBr(3)(dme)] (dme=1,2-dimethoxyethane) with the hexafluoro-tert-butoxides LiX or KX [X=OC(CF(3))(2)Me] afforded the benzylidyne complexes [PhC[triple bond]MX(3)(dme)] (2a: M=W, 2b: M=Mo), which further reacted with the lithium reagent Li(Im(tBu)N), generated with MeLi from 1,3-di-tert-butylimidazolin-2-imine (Im(tBu)NH), to(More)
Now even terminal: The 2,4,6-trimethylbenzylidyne complexes [MesC≡M{OC(CF(3))(2)Me}(3)] (M=Mo, W) were synthesized from [Mo(CO)(6)] and [W(CO)(6)], respectively. The molybdenum complex is an efficient catalyst for the metathesis of internal and terminal alkynes and also for the ring-closing metathesis of internal and terminal α,ω-diynes at room temperature(More)
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