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Many pharmacological and clinical studies have demonstrated the importance of the dopaminergic (DA) system for cognitive functioning but little is known about the genetic basis of general cognitive ability that has been demonstrated to be highly heritable. Attempts to detect associations between certain gene loci and endophenotypes of general cognitive(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the age-specific prevalence rates of cancer of the cervix in South African women presenting for screening. DESIGN A multicentre prevalence survey in 10 geographically defined areas following a common core protocol. Services were located in existing service sites, with the exception of KwaZulu-Natal which used a mobile service. Women(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the value of acetic acid visualization of the cervix as an alternative to cytologic screening. METHODS A prospective study was conducted in a squatter area in Cape Town, South Africa, on 2426 women who underwent speculum examination, naked-eye inspection of the cervix after application of acetic acid, and cytologic smear. The(More)
A study undertaken to assess the reliability and effectiveness of cryosurgery in cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia is described. During 1 5-year period a total of 416 patients were so treated and the records were studied retrospectively. This study demonstrated that 34% of patients were lost to follow-up, and that 24% of those followed up had residual(More)
Six cases of primary advanced squamous carcinoma of the vulva were treated with concomitant chemotherapy and radiotherapy (C + RT). In five patients it was given in preparation for surgery. The radiation was delivered to the whole pelvis in 10 equal daily fractions of either 2.0 or 2.5 Gy. Mitomycin C (10 mg/m2) was given on Day 1, and 5-fluorouracil (1,000(More)
Because of the uncommon synchronous occurrence of pregnancy and invasive cervical carcinoma, this disease entity remains poorly understood. In addition inconsistent reporting has precluded meaningful meta-analysis. About 1 in 2000 pregnancies are associated with cervical cancer and pregnancy is a complication in approximately 3 percent of patients with(More)
  • B Bloch
  • 1975
The induction of labour with prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) tablets in two dosage regimens, and with desamino-oxy-tocin, has been studied in association with amniotomy. In multiparas at or near term and with a high Bishop score. PGE2 appears superior with regard to the induction-to-delivery interval and the duration of labour, but both preparations are highly(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors present a case report that proposes the use of cabergoline treatment in silent ACTH adenoma, an unusual member of the heterogeneous group of the so-called clinically non-functioning pituitary adenomas. DESIGN Following the clinical and radiological improvement of a recurrent silent ACTH adenoma in a 77-year-old patient treated with(More)
Intestinal folacin absorption and mucosal conjugase activities were assessed in healthy male elderly (65-83 years) and young (20-29 years) human subjects. Luminal disappearance as measured simultaneously from the perfused jejunum of 3 mumol of both [3H]pteroylmonoglutamate [( 3H]PG-1) and pteroyl-[14C]glutamyl-hexaglutamate [( 14C]PG-7) as well as the(More)