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Aspergillus can cause invasive disease of various organs especially in patients with weakened immune systems. Aspergillus synovitis and arthritis are uncommon types of involvement due to this infection. Approaches to fungal osteoarticular infections are based on only case reports. This paper presents a rare case of chronic granulomatous Aspergillus(More)
Schwannomas are benign neurogenic tumors of peripheral nerves that originate from neural sheath. The aim of this case report is to bring to mind the schwannoma in the patient with knee pain. A 39-year-old woman presented with a complaint of knee pain of three months history. After surgical intervention, the patient's complaints completely disappeared in the(More)
Introduction: Multiple intraarticular loose bodies are pathognomonic for the Synovial chondromatosis. This disorder affects a wide age range from adults to childhood with no sex dominance. Malignant transformation is rare to date, and there are approximately 34 cases in literature about the transformation of synovial chondromatosis to chondrosarcoma. Case:(More)
Lateral epicondylitis (LE), a common disease, especially in middle age, causes decreased productivity and economic losses. The first-line treatment for LE is conservative and consists of topical and oral anti-inflammatory drugs, ice application, and brace use. If the first-line treatment fails, second-line treatment modalities, which are generally invasive,(More)
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