Birke Götz

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Schistosoma mansoni protein Sm31 is a cysteine proteinase similar to mammalian lysosomal cathepsin B, proposed to be a key enzyme in schistosome metabolism. Protein Sm32 has been identified as a putative cysteine proteinase termed a 'haemoglobinase'. Since neither Sm31 nor Sm32 have been completely purified, some controversy of the nature of the 'true'(More)
In the current model of conjugal plasmid transfer in mycelium-forming streptomycetes, plasmid transfer by the FtsK-like TraB protein is followed by the subsequent spreading of the newly transferred plasmid within the neighbouring mycelial compartments. Several plasmid-encoded Spd proteins are involved in the plasmid spreading by an unknown mechanism. spdB2(More)
Recombinant Schistosoma mansoni cathepsin B was produced in insect cells via the baculovirus expression vector system as a 37.5 kDa precursor molecule and a 31 kDa mature enzyme. Extracts prepared from cells infected with the recombinant virus were able to cleave a synthetic dipeptide substrate specific for cathepsin B. Proteolytic activity was inhibited by(More)
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