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We study an acceleration method for point-to-point shortest-path computations in large and sparse directed graphs with given nonnegative arc weights. The acceleration method is called the <i>arc-flag approach</i> and is based on Dijkstra's algorithm. In the arc-flag approach, we allow a preprocessing of the network data to generate additional information,(More)
The study of metabolic responses to drugs, environmental changes, and diseases is a new promising area of metabonomic research. Metabolic fingerprints can be obtained by analytical techniques such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). In principle, alterations of these fingerprints due to appearance/disappearance or concentration changes of metabolites can(More)
The recent melamine crisis in China has pointed out a serious deficiency in current food control systems, namely, they specifically focus on selected known compounds. This targeted approach allowed the presence of melamine in milk products to be overlooked for a considerable time. To avoid such crises in the future, we propose that nontargeted screening(More)
With SGF Profiling™ we introduce an NMR-based screening method for the quality control of fruit juices. This method has been developed in a joint effort by Bruker BioSpin GmbH and SGF International e.V. The system is fully automated with respect to sample transfer, measurement, data analysis and reporting and is set up on an Avance 400 MHz flow-injection(More)
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