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PURPOSE OF REVIEW Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and mania show broad symptom overlap, and high comorbidity exists between ADHD and bipolar disorder. This raises the question concerning common neurobiological pathomechanisms and concerning common treatments. RECENT FINDINGS On genetic, biochemical, electrophysiological, brain(More)
German internist and neurologist Adolf von Strümpell (1853–1925) was a leading figure in German neurosciences around 1900 and helped to establish neurology as a discipline in its own right. He made contributions that were crucial to the development of the subject and in many cases his were the first descriptions of complex diseases such as Bechterew disease(More)
In the 19th century, collective behavior or crowd psychology was given a broad interest in psychiatric research. But until today the focus had always been on French, English or German publications neglecting the comprehensive Russian research that exists. That's why, the authors wish to elaborate 19th century Russian points of view on crowd psychology.Our(More)
INTRODUCTION Between 1891 and 1893 the famous Austrian and German neuropsychiatrists Julius Wagner-Jauregg and Paul Julius Möbius disputed in leading German and Austrian medical journals about mental and physiological changes and symptoms in people who after strangulation could be revived in time to survive. Their dispute even touched personal issues. (More)
The beginning of the 16th century was a time of many problems in Europe: pestilence, the early stages of a period of climate change which we call today the Little Ice Age, and hostile armies threatening Europe from all sides. It is no surprise therefore that many people already feared the approaching apocalypse, and it is perhaps no coincidence that this(More)
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