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Approaches to assess the environmental impact of organic farming with particular regard to Denmark
This review examines organic farming in the light of European conditions with special regard to recent research findings from Denmark, and specifies the environmental problems caused by modern farming practices and discusses appropriate indicators for assessing their impact. Expand
Nitrogen leaching from conventional versus organic farming systems — a systems modelling approach
Abstract The level of nitrogen leaching from organic compared to conventional farming was evaluated by using a systems modelling approach. Two different methods were used for estimating andExpand
Assessment of food safety in organic farming
Public concern about food safety in Europe has grown in response to the BSE scandal and problems with Salmonella and Campylobacter, etc. Such health and safety considerations are among the mostExpand
Identifying the basic normative principles for organic farming
What are the basic principles of 'how to act in an organic way'? In Denmark there has been a comprehensive discussion of this ethical question in connection with a major new organic research effort.Expand
Food safety in an organic perspective
The holistic perspective of organic farming implies a broader conception of food safety that includes both product safety and agri-food system safety. The credibility of organic food can only beExpand
Grundvandsbeskyttelse ved økologisk jordbrug
Okologisk jordbrug udgor et samlet koncept, som bade kombinerer stor dannelse af grundvand, pesticicforbud, mange positive miljoeffekter og merindtjening i landbrugserhvervet som folge af en merprisExpand