Birgitta Linder

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HYPOTHESIS A light and transmission electron microscopic investigation of the apical turn of a freshly fixed human cochlea. BACKGROUND Our knowledge about the human cochlea rests to a large extent on animal species research. An opportunity to obtain tissue from normal-hearing persons occurs during surgery for life-threatening petroclival meningioma. This(More)
HYPOTHESIS Are all glucocorticoids supposed to have the same effect on the round window membrane? BACKGROUND Interest in glucocorticoids for topical treatment of inner ear diseases is increasing. The safety of such treatment should therefore be an important consideration before clinical use. METHODS In this study the authors investigated the morphology(More)
The comet tail artifact appears as a dense tapering trail of echoes just distal to a strongly reflecting structure. This reverberation type of artifact occurs when there is a marked difference in acoustic impedances between an object and its surround. This paper presents a spectrum of comet tail artifacts seen in clinical practice and discusses their(More)
HYPOTHESIS Human endolymphatic sac cells have been notoriously difficult to maintain in culture. It was hypothesized that an in vitro environment intended for growth of keratinocytes would also be suitable for human endolymph sac cells. BACKGROUND Studies on cell physiology of human endolymphatic sac cells have been hampered by difficulties in maintaining(More)
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