Birgitta Kylesten

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This study focuses on the operative level within military staffs jointly leading units in combat, whose decisions of necessity are dynamic. The aim of the present study was to describe the conditions constituting so-called good dynamic decision-making in real situation using a descriptive model. What factors are weaknesses in decision-making? Can the(More)
– Today's asymmetric threats put new challenges on military decision making. As new technology develops we have new possibilities to support decision making in such environments. However, it is important that the tools developed take into account users' (commanders') decision needs. This paper presents some initial user studies of Swedish commanders testing(More)
In this paper we present the results of an experiment, which combined the Impactorium tool with the RAHS System. We describe the intelligence analysis process supported by the tools and give a brief introduction to the tools. Results from a Swedish study that influenced the version of Impactorium tested in Singapore are reported. We conclude with some(More)
– In this paper, we describe the C4ISR demonstration performed by FOI in 2008. The demonstration combined the results from research projects on surveillance, communication and information fusion. A scenario where Swedish forces conduct peace-support operations in a fictitious country was used. Both low and high-level information fusion was demonstrated.(More)
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