Birgitta Edström

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Bent spine, i.e. camptocormia appears in several disease. Segmental dystonia is one of these. A few cases benefiting from botulinum toxin therapy have been described in the literature. We describe a case, in which segmental dystonia is associated with camptocormia, causing the patient to use a wheelchair. The condition fulfilled the criteria of both(More)
PIP joints, MCP joints and wrists of 80 patients with rheumatoid arthritis were operated on with late synovectomy. The rate of recurrence of local synovitis was about 5%, which contrasted favourably with a considerably higher rate of progression of bony erosions. The loss of range of movement was small to moderate. Pain was alleviated in most cases. The(More)
Eighty-two patients subjected to late synovectomy of the hand were followed up. Late synovectomy was defined as an operation performed after at least 3 years' duration of local synovitis in the type of joint operated on. The minimum follow-up period was 24 months for the fingers joints (IP + PIP and MCP) and 18 months for the dorsal aspect of the wrist (W).(More)
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