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PURPOSE To study the pharmacokinetics of topiramate (TPM) during delivery, lactation, and in the neonate. METHODS TPM concentrations in plasma and breast milk were measured with fluorescence polarization immunoassay (FPIA) in five women with epilepsy treated with TPM during pregnancy and lactation. Blood samples were obtained at delivery from mothers,(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that bicuculline-induced seizures of 1-2 h in duration lead to structural, metabolic, and circulatory alterations in the rat brain. Such alterations were observed even though cerebral oxygenation seemed adequate. In the present study, we explored whether pentylenetetrazole, a convulsant which interferes with(More)
PURPOSE To study pharmacokinetics of levetiracetam (LEV) during pregnancy, delivery, lactation, and in the neonatal period. METHODS Fourteen women with epilepsy receiving LEV treatment during pregnancy and lactation contributed with 15 pregnancies to this prospective study in which LEV concentrations in plasma and breast milk were determined. Trough(More)
It was earlier shown that bicuculline-induced status epilepticus gives rise to profound acute changes in the rat cerebral cortex, i.e. edema and neuronal alterations. In the present study, we explored to what extent interruption of the seizure activity reverses the changes observed. To that end, status epilepticus of 1 and 2h duration was induced by(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Little is known about the prognosis and the predictive factors for functional outcome after lacunar infarction. Our aim was to analyze this issue in more detail and with a longer follow-up than in previous reports. METHODS Functional outcome was assessed in 81 consecutive patients with a first-ever stroke and clinical and MRI(More)
Motor neurone disease (MND) was studied in relation to various determinants in a case-control study covering nine counties in southern Sweden. A questionnaire about occupational exposures, medical history, lifestyle factors etc was given to all cases in the age range 45-79 and to a random sample of 500 population controls in the same age range. The(More)
OBJECTIVE According to the literature, emotions are closely related to health and well-being. The aim of this study was to illuminate the impact of epilepsy on daily life in young adulthood, described by the patients' emotions. METHOD Young adults, 18-27 years of age (n=95/102), answered a questionnaire eliciting descriptions of their daily lives with(More)
The effect of potential risk factors for multiple sclerosis was evaluated in a case-referent study that encompassed 83 cases and 467 randomized referents. Information on exposure was obtained by questionnaires that were mailed to the subjects. Mantel-Haenszel rate ratios were increased for males for occupational exposure to solvents and welding and for(More)
The present article is an assessment of the current state of knowledge in the field of cognitive neuroscience of signed language. Reviewed lesion data show that the left hemisphere is dominant for perception and production of signed language in aphasics, in a fashion similar to spoken language aphasia. Several neuropsychological dissociations support this(More)