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Previous studies have shown the Fennoscandian region to be a high-risk area for multiple sclerosis (MS). In order to investigate the distribution of MS in Sweden, mortality (1952-1992) and disability pensioning statistics (1971-1994) were studied. A total of 11,414 cases with a disability pension and 5,421 cases with MS on their death certificate were(More)
To evaluate the possible relation between exposure to organic solvents and the development of multiple sclerosis, we carried out a best-evidence synthesis of the available information. We found 13 studies with varying methodology that included information on solvent exposure. In 10 of the studies, there were indications of an increased risk of multiple(More)
OBJECTIVE According to the literature, emotions are closely related to health and well-being. The aim of this study was to illuminate the impact of epilepsy on daily life in young adulthood, described by the patients' emotions. METHOD Young adults, 18-27 years of age (n=95/102), answered a questionnaire eliciting descriptions of their daily lives with(More)
The present article is an assessment of the current state of knowledge in the field of cognitive neuroscience of signed language. Reviewed lesion data show that the left hemisphere is dominant for perception and production of signed language in aphasics, in a fashion similar to spoken language aphasia. Several neuropsychological dissociations support this(More)
It was earlier shown that bicuculline-induced status epilepticus gives rise to profound acute changes in the rat cerebral cortex, i.e. edema and neuronal alterations. In the present study, we explored to what extent interruption of the seizure activity reverses the changes observed. To that end, status epilepticus of 1 and 2h duration was induced by(More)
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) paradigms on sensory-motor and language functions are reviewed from a clinical user's perspective. The objective was to identify special requirements regarding the design of fMRI paradigms for clinical applications. A wide range of methods for setting up fMRI examinations were found in the literature. It was(More)
Excessive tissue lactic acidosis has earlier been shown to aggravate structural damage of both neurons and glial cells in the rat cerebral cortex. To study the reactions of cortical capillaries, light- and electronmicroscopic morphometry was used. Rats were subjected to severe incomplete ischemia (cerebral blood flow below 5% of normal) for 30 min by(More)
Sign and spoken language seem to be localized in the same brain areas. They elicit similar regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) patterns, even though sign language is dependent on spatial information. We investigated sign and spoken language perception in a group of healthy bilingual subjects. Four videotaped activation conditions were used during PET(More)
OBJECTIVES B.L. is a Tibetan Buddhist with many years of compassion meditation practice. During meditation B.L. uses a technique to generate a feeling of love and compassion while reciting a mantra. The aim of the present study was to investigate the neural correlates of compassion meditation in 1 experienced meditator. METHODS B.L. was examined by(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to describe seizures and their therapy among Swedish adolescents, aged 13-22, with active but uncomplicated epilepsy. METHOD The adolescents answered questionnaires (158/193). Data were also obtained from medical records. RESULTS Epileptic seizure types could be specified in 92.1% of the cases. Predominant types were Primary(More)