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OBJECTIVE To report on the results of the consensus process integrating evidence from preliminary studies to develop the first version of a Comprehensive ICF Core Set and a Brief ICF Core Set for diabetes mellitus. METHODS A formal decision-making and consensus process integrating evidence gathered from preliminary studies was followed. Preliminary(More)
p < 0.05). On postoperative days 3 and 7 the values were 7.2 (5.3–8.2) and 7.5 (5.4–9.4) mmol/L, respectively, in the erythropoietin group compared to 6.7 (5.2–7.8) and 6.9 (5.1–8.6) mmol/L in the placebo group ( p < 0.01). At discharge the hemoglobin concentration was 7.8 (5.9–8.8) mmol/L in the erythropoietin group and 7.2 (5.4–8.6) mmol/L in the placebo(More)
OBJECTIVES To systematically identify and compare the concepts contained in outcome measures of clinical trials on chronic ischaemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and obstructive pulmonary disease, including asthma using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) as a reference. METHODS Randomized controlled(More)
Colonic ischaemia may complicate aortic graft surgery with high mortality from associated colonic necrosis. Loss of the mucosal barrier function due to ischaemia may promote translocation of endotoxins with secondary systemic disseminated coagulation leading to multiple organ failure. Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) stimulate the microcirculation in the(More)
Proceeding from their investigations the authors have formulated the following questions: 1. How do ageing people with essential hypertension tolerate sauna treatment (hyperthermia)? 2. What is the optimum thermal load for effective antihypertensive treatment? 3. What is the optimum interval, i.e. how many sauna baths are recommended per week? 4. Does an(More)