Birgit Spindler

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Amino-acid transport across cellular plasma membranes depends on several parallel-functioning (co-)transporters and exchangers. The widespread transport system L accounts for a sodium-independent exchange of large, neutral amino acids, whereas the system y(+)L exchanges positively charged amino acids and/or neutral amino acids together with sodium. The(More)
The small G protein K-Ras2A is rapidly induced by aldosterone in A6 epithelia. In these Xenopus sodium reabsorbing cells, aldosterone rapidly activates preexisting epithelial Na+ channels (XENaC) via a transcriptionally mediated mechanism. In the Xenopus oocytes expression system, we tested whether the K-Ras2A pathway impacts on XENaC activity by expressing(More)
Chronic restriction of dietary Pi elicits an increased reabsorption of Pi in the kidney proximal tubules, which involves a stimulation of apical Na-Pi cotransport. This adaptation is in part a direct cellular response of which the mechanism(s) are poorly understood. In this study, the impact of dietary Pi restriction on the differential expression of rat(More)
Legal requirements on space and dimensions regarding furnished cages and alternative systems in laying hen husbandry are subject of constant discussion. Further knowledge about basic measures of the hens might help to come to reasonable results in the future. Digital images of Lohmann Selected Leghorn (LSL) and Lohmann Brown (LB) laying hens, housed at the(More)
1. Specific legal requirements for keeping pullets are not available in the European Union. However, two of the most important rearing factors for pullets are sufficient perching and feeder space. Both factors represent horizontal space dimensions which derive from the body width of the birds. 2. The body width of two strains of layer pullets (brown (BL)(More)
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