Birgit Seeber

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For the Next European Dipole (NED) program, a Powder-In-Tube (PIT) strand was successfully developed by SMI. This high-performance Nb<sub>3</sub>Sn strand presents a non-copper critical current(More)
The series-connected hybrid magnet under construction at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory uses cable-in-conduit-conductor with high <i>Jc</i> Nb<sub>3</sub>Sn strands. One of the candidate(More)
The effect of transverse compressive stress on the superconducting transport currents of multifilamentary Nb<sub>3</sub>Sn wires have been measured at 19 T using a newly developed probe allowing(More)
In the framework of the EuCARD program, CERN is participating in the development of a 13 T 100-mm-aperture dipole magnet to upgrade the superconducting cable test facility FRESCA at CERN. The(More)
In order to develop bronze processed Nb<sub>3</sub>Sn wire for the ITER CS coil operating under higher compressive strain, the influence of various parameters of wires such as filament diameter,(More)