Birgit Schelm

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This thesis combines average-case complexity theory with the approximability of optimisation problems. Both are ways of dealing with the fact that many computational problems are not solvable in polynomial time, unless P = NP. A theoretical framework is established that allows both the classification of optimisation problems with respect to their(More)
We examine classes of distributional problems defined in terms of polynomial-time decision algorithms with bounded error probability. The class AvgP (Levin, 1984) has been characterized by Impagliazzo (1995) using polynomial-time algorithm schemes with benign faults. The class HP extends AvgP by allowing malign faults instead of benign faults. The class(More)
Both average-case complexity and the study of the approximability of NP optimisation problems are well established and active fields of research. Many results concerning the average behaviour of approximation algorithms for NP optimisation problems exist, both with respect to their running time and their performance ratio, but a theoretical framework to(More)
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