Birgit Schättler

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Processing of interferometric ERS SAR data is still a challenging task. The amount of data to be handled is enormous, the input data often expensive, the data quality a priori unknown, the algorithms require fast computers and some key algorithms like phase unwrapping are still under development. Therefore, investigating the large scale quality of ERS(More)
The Ground Segment of the TerraSAR-X mission provides the infrastructure required to command and control the satellite and the instrument, to receive user requests, to process and archive the acquired data and to deliver the image products. The TerraSAR-X Ground Segment is composed of three major elements designed and operated by DLR, the Mission Operations(More)
This paper recalls the essential elements of the joint TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X ground segment. It elaborates on some topics which are usually not in the primary focus from a pure SAR technical point of view, e.g. the flight formation. Both commissioning and early routine phase results from operating the joint TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X ground segment are given.
A dedicated validation campaign (7 23 February 2000) was planned for the installation and qualification of the 1GP mode on ERS-2. In particular, the impact of this new configuration on the quality of ERS-2 SAR data and on ERS-2 SAR applications performance had to be carefully assessed in order to decide whether ERS-2 could be operationally left in 1GP mode.(More)