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We investigated the course of mouse blastocyst hatching in vitro after experimental modulation of the hatching process by growth hormone or by laser treatment and compared it to embryos grown in vivo. When embryos were grown in vitro, successful hatching was dependent on blastocyst expansion and was based on a minimum number of embryonic cells. Embryos(More)
The effects of exogenously added spermine on activated (gapped) DNA-directed and poly(dC) . (dG)12-18-directed DNA synthesis were tested on the chromatographically separated DNA polymerase activities of Trypanosoma brucei brucei. Activated DNA-directed DNA synthesis by the Peak I (eluting from DNA-agarose at 0.15 M KCl) and Peak II (eluting at 0.3 M KCl)(More)
The development of flexible polymer monofilament fiber strain sensors have many applications in both wearable computing (clothing, gloves, etc.) and robotics design (large deformation control). For example, a high-stretch monofilament sensor could be integrated into robotic arm design, easily stretching over joints or along curved surfaces. As a(More)
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