Birgit Kernebeck

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A group of microtubule-associated proteins called +TIPs (plus end tracking proteins), including EB1 family proteins, label growing microtubule ends specifically in diverse organisms and are implicated in spindle dynamics, chromosome segregation, and directing microtubules toward cortical sites. Here, we report three new EB1-like proteins from Arabidopsis(More)
In Arabidopsis, based on the randomly misshapen phenotype of leaf epidermal trichomes, eight genes have been grouped into a 'DISTORTED' class. Three of the DIS genes, WURM, DISTORTED1 and CROOKED have been cloned recently and encode the ARP2, ARP3 and ARPC5 subunits respectively, of a conserved actin modulating ARP2/3 complex. Here we identify a fourth(More)
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