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Recently measured properties of water vapor (H(2)O) absorption lines have been used in calculations to evaluate the temperature sensitivity of differential absorption lidar (DIAL) H(2)O measurements. This paper estimates the temperature sensitivity of H(2)O lines in the 717-733-nm region for both H(2)O mixing ratio and number density measurements, and(More)
The reduced tension σ cd of the interface between the confined and the deconfined phase of SU (3) pure gauge theory is determined from numerical simulations of the first transfer matrix eigenvalues. At Tc = 1/Lt we find σ cd = 0.139(4)T 2 c for Lt = 2. The interfaces show universal behavior because the deconfined-deconfined interfaces are completely wet by(More)
The intestinal epithelium is one of the most rapidly regenerating tissues in mammals. Cell production takes place in the intestinal crypts which contain about 250 cells. Only a minority of 1-60 proliferating cells are able to maintain a crypt over a long period of time. However, so far attempts to identify these stem cells were unsuccessful. Therefore,(More)
An airborne differential absorption lidar (DIAL) system has been developed at the NASA Langley Research Center for remote measurements of atmospheric water vapor (H(2)O) and aerosols. A solid-state alexandrite laser with a 1-pm linewidth and > 99.85% spectral purity was used as the on-line transmitter. Solid-state avalanche photodiode detector technology(More)
The reduced tension σ cd of the interface between the confined and the deconfined phase of SU(3) pure gauge theory is related to the finite size effects of the first transfer matrix eigenvalues. A lattice simulation of the transfer matrix spectrum at the critical temperature T c = 1/L t yields σ cd = 0.139(4)T 2 c for L t = 2. We found numerical evidence(More)
We present a multicanonical algorithm for the SU(3) pure gauge theory at the deconfinement phase transition. We measure the tunneling times for lattices of size L 3 ×2 for L = 8, 10, and 12. In contrast to the canonical algorithm the tunneling time increases only moderately with L. Finally, we determine the interfacial free energy applying the(More)
We present results for the confinement-deconfinement interface tension σ cd of quenched QCD. They were obtained by applying Binder's histogram method to lattices of size L 2 × L z × L t for L t = 2 and L = 8, 10, 12 and 14 and various L z ∈ [L, 4 L]. The use of a multicanonical algorithm and rectangular geometries have turned out to be crucial for the(More)
We present a numerical determination of the order-disorder interface tension, σ od , for the two-dimensional seven-state Potts model. We find σ od = 0.0114 ± 0.0012, in good agreement with expectations based on the conjecture of perfect wetting. We take into account systematic effects on the technique of our choice: the histogram method. Our measurements(More)
A narrow-linewidth pulsed alexandrite laser has been greatly modified for improved spectral stability in an aircraft environment, and its operation has been evaluated in the laboratory for making water-vapor differential absorption lidar measurements. An alignment technique is described to achieve the optimum free spectral range ratio for the two étalons(More)