Birgit Glombitza

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Human stratum corneum (SC) consists of several layers of keratinized corneocytes embedded in a lipid matrix of ordered lamellar structure which is considered to constitute the major barrier to percutaneous penetration. Artificial mixtures of SC lipids are often used as model systems to mimic the skin barrier or to investigate the effects of substances on(More)
Ingredients of topically applied skin care formulations have not only positive effects on the appearance of human skin but can also disturb the Stratum corneum (SC) lipid barrier. In the present study, the influence of silicones (PDMS), as often used cosmetic ingredients, on the microstructure of SC lipids was investigated. For this purpose the interactions(More)
Pathogenic yeast and fungi represent a major group of human pathogens. The consequences of infections are diverse and range from local, clinically uncomplicated mycosis of the skin to systemic, life-threatening sepsis. Despite extensive MHC class I-restricted frequencies of yeast-specific CD8 T lymphocytes in healthy individuals and the essential role of(More)
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