Birgit Gaiser

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Following exposure via inhalation, intratracheal instillation or ingestion some nanomaterials (NM) have been shown to translocate to the liver. Since oxidative stress has been implicated as a possible mechanism for NM toxicity this study aimed to investigate the effects of various materials (five titanium dioxide (TiO2), two zinc oxide (ZnO), two(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND It has been shown that nanomaterials (NMs) are able to translocate to secondary tissues one of the important being the kidneys. Oxidative stress has been implicated as a possible mechanism for NM toxicity, hence effects on the human renal proximal tubule epithelial cells (HK-2) treated with a panel of engineered nanomaterials (NMs)(More)
The aim of this project was to compare cerium oxide and silver particles of different sizes for their potential for uptake by aquatic species, human exposure via ingestion of contaminated food sources and to assess their resultant toxicity. The results demonstrate the potential for uptake of nano and larger particles by fish via the gastrointestinal tract,(More)
D er Artikel behandelt den E ntwicklungsprozess eines P ortals zum Einsatz digitaler Medien in der Hochschullehre. Im Mittelpunkt steht das Design von Community-Funktionen mit Hilfe des Personas-Ansatzes als nutzerorientierte Softwareentwicklungsmethode. Die Designüberlegungen werden auf der Grundlage der Community-Forschung und des Personas-Ansatzes(More)
This paper presents the web educational portal as the central part of a project to foster the usage of new media in German higher education. By strengthening media competencies of academic teachers the qualification initiative aims to promote new teaching possibilities offered by multimedia and telemedia technologies.
Introduction. Gastroesophageal reflux has been associated with chronic inflammatory diseases and may be a cause of airway remodelling. Aspiration of gastric fluids may cause damage to airway epithelial cells, not only because acidity is toxic to bronchial epithelial cells, but also since it contains digestive enzymes, such as pepsin. Aim. To study whether(More)
For many software designers and developers the emergence of open source software (OSS) offers much promise for valuable innovations, particularly in the educational sector. Yet the occasional drawbacks of OSS—such as missing documentation, difficult organizational structures, limited usability, and a development process driven chiefly by technological(More)