Birgit Ertl-Wagner

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Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) represent a formidable challenge for psychiatry and neuroscience because of their high prevalence, lifelong nature, complexity and substantial heterogeneity. Facing these obstacles requires large-scale multidisciplinary efforts. Although the field of genetics has pioneered data sharing for these reasons, neuroimaging had not(More)
Agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC) is among the most frequent human brain malformations with an incidence of 0.5-70 in 10,000. It is a heterogeneous condition, for which several different genetic causes are known, for example, ACC as part of monogenic syndromes or complex chromosomal rearrangements. We systematically evaluated the data of 172 patients(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Differentiating acute benign from neoplastic vertebral compression fractures can pose a problem in differential diagnosis on routine MR sequences, as signal changes can be quite similar. Our purpose was to assess the value of increasing the diffusion weighting of a diffusion-weighted steady-state free precession (SSFP) sequence for(More)
Fetal MR imaging often poses a diagnostic challenge for the radiologist. Both fetal anatomy and pathology differ decidedly from pediatric and adult MR imaging. While ultrasound remains the method of choice for screening examinations of the fetus, MR imaging is playing an increasingly important role in the detection and classification of malformations not(More)
Structural and functional interconnections of the bilateral central vestibular network have not yet been completely delineated. This includes both ipsilateral and contralateral pathways and crossing sites on the way from the vestibular nuclei via the thalamic relay stations to multiple “vestibular cortex” areas. This study investigated “vestibular”(More)
Ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (oVEMP) represent extraocular muscle activity in response to vestibular stimulation. To specify the value of oVEMP in the diagnostics of Menière's disease, the amplitude ratio between 500 and 1000 Hz stimuli was investigated. Thirty-nine patients with certain Menière's disease, i.e. definite Menière's disease(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE To investigate image quality and vascular delineation of multisection CT (MSCT) angiography of the cervicocranial vessels with sliding-thin-slab (STS) maximum intensity projections (MIP) and multiplanar reformations (MPR). MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten patients examined with a standardized protocol on a 16-section MSCT were included in(More)
Gomez-Lopez-Hernandez syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder with a distinct phenotype (OMIM 601853). To our knowledge there have been seven cases documented to date. We report on an additional male patient now aged 15 8/12 years with synostosis of the lambdoid suture, partial scalp alopecia, corneal opacity, mental retardation and striking phenotypic(More)
AIM In children with bilateral spastic cerebral palsy (CP), periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) is commonly identified on magnetic resonance imaging. We characterized this white matter condition by examining callosal microstructure, interhemispheric inhibitory competence (IIC), and mirror movements. METHOD We examined seven children (age range 11y 9mo-17y(More)