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The distribution of the different HLA-B*51 suballeles among patients with Behçet's disease (BD) of German (n=33) and Turkish (n=92) origin in comparison to their presence in the respective ethnically matched healthy control groups (German: n=325, Turkish: n=93) was studied. HLA-B*51x was significantly increased in both patient groups in comparison to the(More)
OBJECTIVE Alcohol dependence is more prevalent in men than in women. The evidence for how prenatal and adult androgens influence alcohol dependence is limited. We investigated the effects of prenatal and adult androgen activity on alcohol dependence. Moreover, we studied how the behaviours of pregnant women affect their children's prenatal androgen load. (More)
BACKGROUND This year marks the 80th anniversary of the forced retirement (1st March 1934) of Gustav Kolb (1870 - 1938). He is considered the founder of the "Erlangen System" of open care. The following article pays tribute to Gustav Kolb's "life's work", by delineating the formation, active period and the fall of his "Erlangen system" in its historical(More)
Introduction In the context of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, it is time to take a survey of the history of Martin Luther's (1483-1546) pathography and to deduce possible conclusions from it for psychiatric practice. Results In a 1035-page work written in German between 1937 and 1941, the Dane Paul Reiter retrospectively diagnosed Luther as(More)
BACKGROUND The current debate on assisted suicide provides the occasion for calling to mind the role of Berthold Kihn as a psychiatrist under National Socialism. With a historical presentation of a typology of euthanasia, the Academic Psychiatry of Erlangen together with the Medical Ethics would like to sensitize discussions on assisted suicide by drawing(More)
INTRODUCTION Adolf Bingel, internal medicine specialist, neurologist and psychiatrist, was a pioneer in the establishment of electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) in Germany. Thanks to his dedication, the psychiatric department of the University of Erlangen was Germany's first clinic to offer ECT. METHODS We have analysed relevant archival material and the(More)
Diese Studie untersucht den Einfluss der Festbetragsverdoppelung bei der Hörgeräteversorgung durch die gesetzlichen Krankenkassen auf die Höhe der Zuzahlungen, die Compliance, den Nutzen und die Zufriedenheit für die Patienten. Im April 2014 wurden 859 Versicherte einer Krankenkasse (hkk), die in den 6 Monaten vor der Reform Hörgeräte erhielten, und im(More)
BACKGROUND Relapse after detoxification treatment is a common problem in alcohol dependence. However, its prediction still lacks reliability. We here investigated whether the easily accessible clinical Cloninger and Lesch classifications predict alcohol-related hospital readmission following inpatient withdrawal treatment. METHODS In this bicentric(More)
A previous investigation from Korea indicated that religion might modulate gaming behavior (Kim and Kim in J Korean Acad Nurs 40:378–388, 2010). Our present study aimed to investigate whether a belief in God, practicing religious behavior and religious denomination affected gaming behavior. Data were derived from a Western cohort of young men (Cohort Study(More)
Im Jahr 1911 erstellt Alzheimer als Herausgeber den 4. Band des Buches „Histologische und histopathologische Arbeiten über die Grosshirnrinde mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der pathologischen Anatomie der Geisteskrankheiten“. Ein Kapitel trägt die Überschrift „Die PERUSINIschen Fälle“. Zur Honorierung der Leistung Perusinis wird daher auch für Morbus(More)