Birgit Austin

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The atrophic maxilla and associated unretentive and unstable full denture provide a tremendous challenge for the restorative clinician. Bone grafts have allowed the introduction of osseointegrated dental implants into the management of such cases but many patients are unable or unwilling to undergo the rigours of the bone grafting procedure. The placement(More)
Whereas other radiographs may be adequate for assessment of mandibular anterior implant sites, the use of computerised tomography is recommended for evaluating potential implant sites in the maxillae. A complete denture replica with appropriate radiopaque markers aids in the assessment. Hounsfield densitometric measurements provide additional information on(More)
A polypoid mass of granulation tissue in the external auditory meatus was found to be arising from the ipsilateral temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The origin of the lesion was suspected clinically and was confirmed by a CT scan study. As the patient showed signs of psoriatic arthritis, it seems likely that this was the underlying pathological process in the(More)
Ameloblastomas are predominantly benign, intra-osseous odontogenic tumors and mucosal involvement is a rare secondary phenomenon, occurring only after a long period of intra-osseous growth and bone expansion. A case is reported of an intra-osseous multicystic (solid) ameloblastoma which presented as an exophytic gingival lesion in the left mandibular third(More)
This paper describes the motivation for, and methodology behind the creation of ELSST (European Language Social Science Thesaurus), a broad-based multilingual thesaurus for the social sciences. The thesaurus was produced by the UK Data Archive (UKDA) as part of the EU-funded LIMBER (Language Independent Metadata Browsing of European Resources) project and(More)
The level of predictability and high success rate of implant treatment in the anterior mandible have provided cause to re-evaluate surgical and prosthodontic protocol at our clinic. Literature relating to early/immediate functional loading of Brånemark dental implants will be discussed and preliminary results from an ongoing study will be presented.
Eosinophilic granuloma is a condition which may initially present with oral symptoms. Its variable oral clinical manifestations can result in a potential diagnostic problem for the dental surgeon. Two cases are presented which illustrate the difficulties in making a definitive diagnosis. The importance of a biopsy in diagnosis and the use of a whole-body(More)
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