Birger Lawrenz

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BACKGROUND The recent success in the derivation of differentiated cell types from stem cells has raised prospects for the application of regenerative cell therapy. In particular, embryonic stem cells are attractive sources for cell transplantation, due to their immortality and rapid growth. These cells, however, also possess tumorigenic properties, which(More)
Pregnancy is accompanied by major immunological changes to maintain both tolerance for the fetus and immune competence. Leukotrienes are powerful 5-lipoxygenase-derived inflammatory mediators and the characteristics of leukotriene-related diseases (e.g., asthma, allergic rhinitis) change during pregnancy. Here, we show that pregnancy affects leukotriene(More)
UNLABELLED The esthetic appearance of upper front teeth strongly depends on color, shape, size, width-to-height ratio, and position of teeth. In the past, these single esthetic aspects had been analyzed separately and not as a whole. Thus, the objective of this current study is to investigate the perception of the esthetics of upper front teeth whose image(More)
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