Birger Larsen

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A new citation search strategy is proposed for Information Retrieval (IR) based on the principle of polyrepresentation (Ingwersen, 1992, 1996). The strategy exploits logical overlaps between a range of cognitively different interpretations of the same documents in a structured manner, i.e. so-called cognitive overlaps of representations. The strategy is(More)
This paper contains an analysis of user behaviour when interacting with the result list of an information retrieval (IR) system retrieving elements from structured documents. The data set was obtained from the INEX 2005 Interactive Track, where a group of users searched information on travel destinations marked up in XML. The aim of this study is to(More)
BACKGROUND The web has become a primary information resource about illnesses and treatments for both medical and non-medical users. Standard web search is by far the most common interface to this information. It is therefore of interest to find out how well web search engines work for diagnostic queries and what factors contribute to successes and failures.(More)
In this paper, we describe our participation in the INEX 2013 Social Book Search track. We investigate the contribution of different types of document metadata, both social and controlled, as well as the contribution of the new ‘query’ topic representations. We find that the best results are obtained using all available document fields and topic(More)
What if Information Retrieval (IR) systems did not just retrieve relevant information that is stored in their indices, but could also “understand” it and synthesise it into a single document? We present a preliminary study that makes a first step towards answering this question. Given a query, we train a Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) on existing relevant(More)