Birendranath Mazumdar

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INTRODUCTION In this study an attempt is made to find out the level of calcium in seminal plasma of normal and infertile patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Semen samples are collected from 34 normal men and 112 infertile patients. After semen evaluation seminal plasma was separated and calcium level was measured in it. RESULTS Calcium level in mg% is(More)
The importance of the selection of two parameters namely total sperm count and percentage of sperm motility in the study of semen is discussed. The statistical analysis of the data of these two variants in normozoospermic, oligozoospermic, oligoasthenozoospermic and asthenozoospermic groups was done. A direct linear relationship between the two variants was(More)
A variety of tests like FEV0-76, FEV1, PFR, MEFR is in use for assessment of ventilatory function of the lungs. Each of them has some marginal advantage over the other. It is, therefore, necessary to find out their relative merits and choose the one which can provide the maximum information in a reasonably short time. In this project, a norm of all the(More)