Birendrajit Singh

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There is no unanimity in literature on sexual dimorphism or on age related morphophometric changes in the Corpus Callosum (CC). For comprehensive data 44 preserved human brains (22 male and 22 female) and 30 MRI scans from North-west Indian population were studied. Morphometric measurements of the CC and its subregions were taken at the midsagittal level in(More)
The normal configuration of the arterial pattern at the base of the brain in rhesus monkeys, dogs, sheep, goats and rabbits is described. The length and diameter of all vessels of the circulus arteriosus cerebri are measured. Variations are compared in relation to that of the typical pattern present in humans. In rhesus monkeys, dogs and rabbits, the circle(More)
A 1-year survey was undertaken to determine the incidence of Trypanosoma evansi in dogs at Ludhiana, India. Of 64 dogs examined by wet film, thin smear, thick smear and mouse inoculation, three (4.68%) were found to be positive for T. evansi. All the positive animals were detected during the rainy and post-rainy seasons. The treatment of three infected dogs(More)
BACKGROUND Nursing is one of the stressful jobs in health sector. The level of job satisfaction in the profession remains a matter of concern. This study means to explore the job satisfaction among the nurses of Dhulikhel Hospital. METHODS A Descriptive cross sectional study design was conducted in Dhulikhel Hospital; a community based Hospital of Nepal(More)
Relief and the generous support of the American people through United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Horizons Program. The Population Council is an international, non-profit, nongovernmental institution that seeks to improve the well-being and reproductive health of current and future generations around the world and to help(More)
INTRODUCTION Morphometric measurements of the corpus callosum (CC) are necessary to have normative values for studying sex, age and race related variations. METHODS Morphometry of the CC was done in preserved brain specimens and in MRI scans, in adults.The measurements included parameters like length, width, height of the cc, distances between genu and(More)
INTRODUCTION This study explores the nurses' views on need for professional development and barriers in Nepal. METHODS This is a qualitative content analysis study conducted among nurses from different health institutes. In-depth interviews and focus group discussions were used to obtain their views on need of professional development and major barriers(More)
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