Birendra Keshari

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We apply functional approximation techniques to obtain features from online data and use these features to train support vector machines (SVMs) for online mathematical symbol classification. We show experimental results and comparisons with another SVM-based system trained using features used in the literature. The experimental results show that the SVM(More)
Recognition of mathematical symbols is a challenging task, with a large set with many similar symbols. We present a support vector machine based hybrid recognition system that uses both online and offline information for classification. Probabilistic outputs from the two support vector machine based multi-class classifiers running in parallel are combined(More)
Ink Markup Language (InkML) provides a platform– neutral data format that can be used to represent, store and transmit digital ink data. Both streaming and archival applications are supported through different uses of InkML’s primitives. While streaming ink and archival ink data can represent the same information, each supports certain operations more(More)
We present techniques that allow sharing of standardized digital ink in a heterogeneous collaborative environment. We explore the use of W3C InkML (Digital Ink Markup Language) and show how it is more flexible and suitable than other digital ink formats for this purpose. We discuss different possible digital ink sharing schemes using InkML and describe pros(More)
This report on Nepali Lexicon Development highlights the process followed in the development of Nepali Lexicon for the Nepal component of the PAN localization project. The scope of this development initiative lies within its use in spell checking system for Nepali. The target is to have a minimum measure of twenty five thousand words with at least four(More)
Diagnosis of mathematical symbols in handwritings is originated from Optical Character Recognition (OCR) method. Recognition of mathematical symbols increases the accuracy of calculations. In present study, hidden Markov model is applied with a new feature selection system. Considering previous studies, a lot of researches performed on mathematical symbols(More)
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