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We present a cross-layer approach for enabling high-throughput routing in multi-hop wireless networks. This approach builds on a MAC-layer cooperative retransmission mechanism, which is explicitly designed to exploit the benefits of MAC-layer retransmission-based reliability, cooperative communications, and link-quality awareness. Based on this mechanism,(More)
In this paper we present a robust pedestrian detection algorithm in low resolution on-board monocular camera image sequences of cluttered scenes. At first a motion based object detection algorithm is developed to detect foreground objects by analyzing horizontal motion vector. A cascade structure of rejection type classifier is utilized for our pedestrian(More)
This paper proposes an <i>opportunistic rate-adaptive expected transmission time (ORETT)</i> metric, which exploits cooperative (relay-aided) retransmissions to achieve high-throughput routing in multi-rate wireless mesh networks. This metric captures the combined effects of MAC-layer cooperative retransmission by neighbor nodes with transmission rate(More)
The IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol performance degrades severely as the number of stations in the collision domain increases in a saturated network. Employing cooperative retransmission at the MAC layer provides a way to work around the performance limitations by exploiting the broadcast nature of wireless communication. This paper presents a new routing metric,(More)
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