Bipin N. Patel

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We demonstrate monolithic integration of a 100-channel arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG) with 10-GHz channel spacing and 100 optically controlled Michelson-interferometer-based phase and amplitude modulators. The high-resolution AWG showed better than À15-dB crosstalk, and the modulator extinction ratio was better than 20 dB with either electrical or optical(More)
We discuss monolithic integration of a 100-channel AWG with a 10-GHz channel spacing with 100 Michelson-interferometer-based phase-and amplitude-modulators. The AWG showed approximately 10 dB crosstalk, and the twin-integrated devices comprise a 2 " InP wafer. 1. Introduction Optical arbitrary waveform generation (OAWG) has potential applications such as:(More)
—We report a 10-GHz colliding pulse mode-locked laser fabricated with integrated active–passive waveguides. The laser fabrication adopted a deep reactive ion etching and single-step metal–organic vapor phase epitaxy regrowth process for forming the buried heterostructure waveguide. Clean output pulses resulted from laterally tilting the active–passive(More)
We overview and summarize the progress of the spectral phase encoded time spreading (SPECTS) optical code division multiple access (O-CDMA) technology. Recent progress included a demonstration of a 320 Gbit/ s ͑32-user ϫ 10 Gbit/ s͒ all-optical passive optical network testbed based on the SPECTS O-CDMA technology and a theoretical prediction of the spectral(More)
This paper addresses the problem of acoustic source localization in shallow water environment commonly dominated by impulsive noise and multipath phenomenon. Traditionally acoustic source localization with sensors spaced several wavelengths apart involves Time Delay Estimation (TDE) via Generalized Cross-Correlation Phase Transform (GCC-PHAT) 1. However(More)
The biomechanical performance of internal fracture fixation depends on several factors. One measure of performance is the strength of the construct. The objective of this biomechanical study was to identify the effect of load obliquity on the strength of locking and nonlocking plate and screw constructs. For this study, plates and screws were fixed to(More)
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