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Identifikasi marka mikrosatelit yang terpaut dengan sifat toleransi terhadap keracunan aluminium pada padi persilangan Dupa x ITA131 Identification of microsatellite marker for tolerance to aluminum
Aluminum (Al) stress is one of major constraints in rice cultivation in acid soil. To obtain rice variety tolerant to Al stress, microsatellite marker has high potential for plant breeding, becauseExpand
Evaluasi Heterosis Tanaman Jagung
The effect of heterosis is one of the important characteristics to obtain hybrid. The experiment was conducted to measure the heterosis value and effect of combining ability in F1 generation, andExpand
Status Perkembangan Kapas Bt
Development of Bt cotton. Muhammad Herman. Bt cotton has been grown on over four million hectares by millions of farmers in nine countries including Indonesia since its introduction in 1996.Expand