Binyamin A. Ajayi

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There has been dearth of studies on how universities, in developing nations, govern their Information Technology (IT) to leverage the business goals of teaching and learning, research and administration. The purpose of this paper is to present how a public university governs IT and learn from “over the years” experiences to improve disposition(More)
Decision support systems (DSS) can be helpful tools in university's planning and management. Decision support systems can contribute to efficient exchange of information between experts, stakeholders, decision makers and laypeople. However , intelligent Information technology (IT) governance decision support system for public universities is yet to be(More)
No doubt there is established best practices and frameworks guiding the proper usage of Information Technology (IT) resources in achieving optimality. However, what is obtainable today in the Muslims world where ethics and integrity are essential fundamentals of faith gives more than meet the eyes. This study explored the ITG research, issue of ethics and(More)
Can Nigeria afford to be oblivion of governance of Information Technology (IT)? This study explores the dearth of research in the field of Information Technology Governance (ITG) in the developing nation context. It goes to show the reasons behind the need to think out of the box which informed the focus on ITG in developed nations. ITG is seen as the(More)
Information Technology Governance (ITG) is the deliberate behaviour adopted by senior management in her corporate design of IT and for the enterprise use to enable continuous performance. ITG Absorptive Capacity (ACAP) is the organisational competence in recognising, acquiring or creating valuable new business-IT knowledge, assimilating or transforming and(More)
Getting visa or its renewal is one of the important elements for International students studying abroad. Each and every year students need to renew their visa, to extend their studentship in order to stay in a particular country. In Malaysia, in order to process visa renewal faster, Education Malaysia Global System (EMGS) was introduced by Malaysian(More)
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