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Regular expression (RegEx) matching has been widely used in various networking and security applications. Despite much effort on this important problem, it remains a fundamentally difficult problem. DFA-based solutions can achieve high throughput, but require too much memory to be executed in high speed SRAM. NFA-based solutions require small memory, but(More)
Many existing tag recommendation approaches ignore the social relations between users. In this paper, we investigate the role of such additional information for the task of personalized tag recommendation. We inject the social relations between users and the content similarities between resources, along with the social annotations made by collaborative(More)
Flash crowd events (FCEs) and malicious traffic including DDoS and worm attacks present a real threat to the stability of Web services. In this paper, we design a practical defense system that can provide some needed relief from the two types of events and protect the availability of Web services. A novel method of dynamic bandwidth arbitration using(More)
—With the rapid development of the computing and Internet access (i.e., using WiFi, GPRS and 3G) capabilities of smartphones, constructing practical mobile botnets has become an underlying trend. In this paper, we introduce the design of a mobile botnet called Andbot which exploits a novel command and control (C&C) strategy named URL Flux. The proposed(More)
Intrusion detection is a critical component of secure information systems. Network anomaly detection has been an active and difficult research topic in the field of Intrusion Detection for many years. However, it still has some problems unresolved. They include high false alarm rate, difficulties in obtaining exactly clean data for the modeling of normal(More)
Cooperation of multi-domain massively parallel processor systems in computing grid environment provides new opportunities for multisite job scheduling. At the same time, in the area of co-allocation, heterogeneity, network adaptability and scalability raise the challenge for the international design of multisite job scheduling models and algorithms. It(More)