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Adaptive filter is a primary method to filter Electrocardiogram (ECG), because it does not need the signal statistical characteristics. In this paper, an adaptive filtering technique for denoising the ECG based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) tuned Sign-Data Least Mean Square (SD-LMS) algorithm is proposed. This technique minimizes the mean-squared error between(More)
In this paper a novel approach for recognition of handwritten digits for South Indian languages using artificial neural networks (ANN) and Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) features is presented. The images of documents containing the hand written digits are optically scanned and are segmented into individual images of isolated digits. HOG features are(More)
In this paper, two antenna geometries for multiband applications are presented. The fundamental structure consists of a circular monopole with a hexagonal slot inscribed. This structure yields different operating bands which are suitable for global systems for mobile communications (GSM 1800/1900 1.71-1.88 GHz/1.85-1.99 GHz), wireless technology for(More)
A metasurface (MS) antenna that allows polarization reconfigurability is proposed. The MS antenna is formed by a MS and source antenna, separated by a small air gap. The MS consists of 16 identical unit cells on a substrate, where each unit cell used is a corner truncated square patch. A microstrip fed slot antenna (MFSA) is used as the source antenna. The(More)
Negative magnetic permeability media (NMPM) can be built up by using small resonant metallic particles like Split ring resonator (SRR) which has very high magnetic polarisability. A group of these particles shows a negative permeability region near and above the resonant frequency. The continuous medium parameters describing the SRR array can be predicted(More)
2598 All Rights Reserved © 2015 IJARECE  Abstract—The paper presents a novel and compact microstrip band pass filter for C-band applications. The filter consists of three parallel-coupled lines quarter wavelength long at the center frequency (6 GHz) of the required operating band (4-8GHz). Quarter wavelength short-circuited stubs in the form of stepped(More)
The paper presents an ultra wide band filter using asymmetrical interdigital coupled line with a transmission notch at the WLAN band. The lower side transmission zero can be conveniently tuned by stepped impedance resonators of proper dimensions. The frequency notch for WLAN band is introduced by two half wavelength open ring resonators etched on the ground(More)