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This paper empirically examines the impact of environmental uncertainty, intra-organizational facilitators, and interorganizational relationships on information sharing and information quality in supply chain management. Based on the data collected from 196 organizations, multiple regression analyses are used to test the factor impacting information sharing(More)
Purpose – This paper aims to study the adoption of mobile technology in business and its determinants. A diagnostic tool for proper adoption of mobile technology is developed. Design/methodology/approach – Grounded on the fit-viability framework, the paper uses a multi-case study via the fit and viability dimensions to examine the success or failure of(More)
Purpose – This research attempts to comprehensively examine the criteria for measuring knowledge management (KM) performance outcomes in organisations. To date, no studies have provided a set of widely accepted measurement criteria associated with KM efforts. This paper, therefore, aims to fill the gap. Design/methodology/approach – This study was carried(More)
Medical errors have become a leading cause of death, killing more people each year than AIDS or aeroplane crashes. These medical errors can be classified into five categories: poor decision making, poor communication, inadequate patient monitoring, patient misidentification, inability to respond rapidly and poor patient tracking. Employing innovative(More)