Binqiang Wang

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The tremendous success of the Internet makes it a ubiquitous infrastructure nowadays comprising an enormous number of hardware components to deliver a variety of services to end users. In the most recent years, with the aim of building a more sustainable society, research efforts have been made to look into the feasibility and benefits of applying(More)
In order to provide high Quality of Service (QoS), reasonable scheduling and resource allocation are needed when a great deal of tasks request grid resources. By quantifying some important properties of Grid QoS and maximizing cost-performance of the system, a grid resource selection optimization algorithm is provided based on Simulated Annealing Genetic(More)
Traffic measurement is an important component of network applications including usage-based charging, anomaly detection and traffic engineering. With high-speed links¿the main problem with traffic measurement is its lack of scalability. Aiming at circumvent this deficiency, we develop a novel and scalable sketch to mine frequent flows over online packet(More)
In this paper, we provide a non route-calculating MPLS LDP fast protection switching scheme called LDPNRC-FPS scheme which is efficient in transient multi-failures in MPLS networks. This scheme makes full use of various working modes and configurable loop detection of LDP protocol.. When network failures happen, the scheme need not to compute routing again.(More)
Component based reconfiguration router unit (RRU) is one of the most effective solutions to improve function extended. It can satisfy the urgent need of multinetwork and multi-business. Component composition and compositional reasoning are the core technologies and frontier research areas in RRU. Based on the characteristics of RRU and software components(More)