Binoy K. Saikia

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Coal derived nano-particles has been received much concern recently around the world for their adverse effects on human health and the environment during their utilization. In this investigation the mineral matter present in some industrially important Indian coals and their ash samples are addressed. Coal and fly ash samples from the coal-based captive(More)
The present investigation reports a preliminary attempt of using ultrasonic energy (40kHz) to clean some low rank high sulfur Brazilian power-coal samples in presence of H2O2 solution. All types of sulfur components (i.e. pyritic, sulfate and organic) could be removed from the coal samples by this process. The raw and ultrasonicated coal samples were(More)
The objective of this study is to determine the concentrations of gaseous species and aerosols in and around a non-recovery type coke making oven using high sulphur coals. In this paper, physico-chemical properties of the feed coal sample are reported along with the collection and measurement of the emitted gases (SO2, NO2, and NH3) and aerosol particles(More)
Studies on coal-derived nanoparticles as well as nano-minerals are important in the context of the human health and the environment. The coal combustion-generated aerosols also affect human health and environmental quality aspects in any coal-fired station. In this study, the feed coals and their combustion-generated aerosols from coal-fired boilers of two(More)
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