Binod Pant

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As we know World Wide Web plays vital role in serving the needs of the user's on web. The web log files are generated as a result of an interaction between the client and the service provider on web. Web log file contains the massive hidden valuable information pertaining to the visitors, if mined can be used for predicting the navigation behavior of the(More)
This letter presents a microelectromechanical system ͑MEMS͒ material testing setup that relies on electronic measurements of nanospecimen elongation. Compared to previously demonstrated MEMS that rely on high magnification images to measure elongation, this MEMS is more versatile, allowing both in situ and ex situ testing of nanomaterials with high accuracy(More)
Software Agents have helped us a lot in the ecommerce industry. It has played a very vital role in providing information from the remote peers or the participating entities. There are lot of agents already existing today like mobile agents, Multi-agents, Autonomous Agents etc. each having its own advantage and disadvantage for different situations. In this(More)
Stock market is an ever changing chaotic business area where prediction plays a major role. Prediction provides knowledgeable information regarding the current status of the stock price movement. Thus this can be utilised in decision making for customers in finalizing whether to buy or sell the particular shares of a given stock. Temporal data mining has(More)
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