Binliang Lin

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Flash flooding often leads to extremely dangerous and sometimes catastrophic conditions 9 in rivers due to characteristics such as: short timescales, the limited opportunity for issuing 10 warnings, and the frequent high average mortality. Many past extreme flood events have been 11 accompanied by flash floods, and they have also been one of the main(More)
The renewable energy route map for Wales outlines ambitious targets for 50% renewables by 2025. The Welsh coast, subject to tidal ranges of the order of 13 m and tidal flows in excess of 3 m/s, is thus in an ideal position to significantly contribute to these targets. Tidal stream energy is an emerging energy sector and a relatively small number of devices(More)
Pollution loads from land sources and their impact on the receiving waters can be predicted by using land-use and surface water quality models, respectively. In this paper details are given of the development of an integrated modelling system for managing water quality in coastal basins. The system includes a model linking the pollution input loads to(More)
Due to the increasing economic and cultural value of bathing waters and the shellfish industry in the UK and worldwide, water quality in estuarine and coastal waters has attracted considerable public attention in recent years. To obtain accurate predictions of the concentration distributions of faecal indicator organisms (FIOs) in coastal waters for better(More)
Details are given in the paper of the refinement of a three-dimensional layer integrated turbulence model and its application to a scaled physical model of a reservoir, named Hamidieh Reservoir, in Iran. The strong turbulent flows generated in this reservoir are due to the high volumes of flow diversion, with low head differences. In this paper, a refined(More)