Binita Gupta

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This work explores several system issues regarding the design and implementation of routing protocols for ad-hoc wireless networks. We examine the routing architecture in current operating systems and find it insufficient on several counts, especially for supporting on-demand or reactive routing protocols. Examples include lack of mechanisms for queuing(More)
This paper explores several systems issues regarding the implementation of routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks. It proclaims that support for on-demand routing is insuf£cient in most operating systems and this has hindered ad-hoc network implementation and deployment. To solve this problem, we have developed a general solution for enhancing the(More)
In this paper, we have addressed the complex problem of determining a recovery line for cluster federation and proposed an efficient checkpointing / recovery mechanism for it. The main objective of the proposed approach is to advance the recovery line in a cluster federation such that we can put a limit on the amount of rollback by the processes in all the(More)
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