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To reveal the antiangiogenic capability of cancer chemotherapy, we developed an alternative antiangiogenic schedule for administration of cyclophosphamide. We show here that this antiangiogenic schedule avoided drug resistance and eradicated Lewis lung carcinoma and L1210 leukemia, an outcome not possible with the conventional schedule. When Lewis lung(More)
A common pathobiological feature of malignant gliomas is the insidious infiltration of single tumor cells into the brain parenchyma, rendering these deadly tumors virtually incurable with available therapies. In this study, we report that ADP-ribosylation factor 6 (ARF6), a Ras superfamily small GTPase, is abundantly expressed in invasive human glioma(More)
SCH66336 is a p.o.-active, farnesyl protein transferase inhibitor. SCH66336 inhibits farnesylation of RAS and other proteins in tumor cells and suppresses tumor growth in human xenograft and transgenic mouse cancer models in vivo. SCH58500 is a replication-deficient, recombinant adenovirus, which expresses the human p53 tumor suppressor. In preclinical(More)
Here we describe the derivation of novel cell lines from spontaneous mammary tumors that arose in mouse mammary tumor virus-polyomavirus (MMTV-PyV) Middle T (MidT) transgenic mice. Clonal cell lines from four mixed cell populations were tested for adenovirus transducibility and sensitivity to p53 tumor suppressor gene therapy mediated by SCH58500, a(More)
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