Bingzheng Shen

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New Delhi metallo-β-lactmase-1 (NDM-1) has recently attracted extensive attention for its biological activities to catalyze the hydrolysis of almost all of β-lactam antibiotics. To study the catalytic property of NDM-1, the steady-kinetic parameters of NDM-1 toward several kinds of β-lactam antibiotics have been detected. It could effectively hydrolyze most(More)
IMP metallo-β-lactamases (MBLs) confer broad-spectrum resistance to β-lactam antibiotics such as imipenem and escape the action of almost all clinically used β-lactamase inhibitors. We conducted three-dimensional quantitative structure–activity relationships (3D-QSAR) for a series of IMP-1 MBL inhibitors with the aid of docking-based alignment. While the(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection causes acute and chronic liver disease, ultimately leading to the development of liver cirrhosis (LC) and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Phospholipase A2 group IIA (PLA2G2A) plays important roles in the development and progression of many tumors. Thus far, there have been no reports on the association between(More)
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