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DeepACLSTM: deep asymmetric convolutional long short-term memory neural models for protein secondary structure prediction
We propose a novel deep neural network method, called DeepACLSTM, to predict 8-category PSS from protein sequence features and profile features. Expand
Screening level ecological risk assessment for phenols in surface water of the Taihu Lake.
A number of approaches have been proposed for screening level ecological risk assessment. In this paper, we first established a mass spectrum library including 50 phenols using retention time lockingExpand
Protein secondary structure prediction improved by recurrent neural networks integrated with two-dimensional convolutional neural networks
We propose a hybrid deep learning framework, two-dimensional convolutional bidirectional recurrent neural network (2C-BRNN), for improving the accuracy of 8-class secondary structure prediction. Expand
Research on Mathematics Instruction Experiment Based Problem Posing
This research tends to make the experimental study on the mathematics teaching model of “Situated Creation and Problem-based Instruction” (SCPBI), namely, the teaching process of “creating situationsExpand
A gas chromatography/mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous analysis of 50 phenols in wastewater using deconvolution technology
Phenolic compounds exist widely in the influents and effluents of sewage treatment plants (STPs) and most are un-regulated. In this study, a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) method forExpand
Research on the Contribution of Urban Land Surface Moisture to the Alleviation Effect of Urban Land Surface Heat Based on Landsat 8 Data
This paper presents a new assessment method for alleviating urban heat island (UHI) effects by using an urban land surface moisture (ULSM) index. Expand
Purification of eleutherosides by macroporous resin and the active fractions of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity from Acanthopanax senticosus extract
Eleutherosides are important active ingredients of Acanthopanax senticosus, the method for purification of eleutherosides has attracted much attention. In this article, a method for purification ofExpand
A Modified Multi-Source Parallel Model for Estimating Urban Surface Evapotranspiration Based on ASTER Thermal Infrared Data
We present a modified multi-source parallel model based on ASTER data for inferring urban surface evapotranspiration with improved parameterization and model accuracy. Expand
Effects of ultrahigh pressure extraction conditions on yields of berberine and palmatine from cortex Phellodendri amurensis
A new method using ultrahigh pressure was used to extract palmatine and berberine from the barks of cortex Phellodendri amurensis. The optimal conditions for ultrahigh pressure extraction (UPE) ofExpand