Bingyao Huang

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As the main microtubule-organizing centre in animal cells, the centrosome has a fundamental role in cell function. Surrounding the centrioles, the pericentriolar material (PCM) provides a dynamic platform for nucleating microtubules. Although the importance of the PCM is established, its amorphous electron-dense nature has made it refractory to structural(More)
The class II loci of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) of humans (HLA) and mice (H-2) are embedded among other loci of the MHC, which spans approximately 4 mb of DNA and has a recombination length of about 2 cM (Campbell and Trowsdale 1993; Himmelbauer et al. 1993). In contrast, recombination analysis of class II genes in the bovine lymphocyte(More)
In plants, cell morphogenesis is dependent on intercellular auxin accumulation. The polar subcellular localization of the PIN-FORMED (PIN) protein is crucial for this process. Previous studies have shown that the protein kinase PINOID (PID) and protein phosphatase6-type phosphatase holoenzyme regulate the phosphorylation status of PIN1 in root tips and(More)
Our results provide further insight into the regulation of DELLA proteins in Arabidopsis . We clarified that phosphorylation modification of the six conserved sites is important for RGA functions and stability. The DELLA proteins, important plant growth and development repressors mediate the gibberellin (GA) signaling pathway. Although these proteins(More)
Fackel (FK) is involved in the flowering of Arabidopsis mainly via the gibberellin pathway and vernalization pathway. This new function of FK is partially dependent on the FLOWERING LOCUS C ( FLC ). A common transitional process from vegetative stage to reproductive stage exists in higher plants during their life cycle. The initiation of flower bud(More)
A series of Ni/SBA-15/Al(2)O(3)/FeCrAl metal monolithic catalysts with Ni loadings varying between 3 % and 16 % were prepared, and their structure was characterized by various techniques. The catalytic activity of the catalyst for methane reforming with CO(2) leading to synthesis gas was evaluated using a fixed-bed reactor. The results indicate good(More)
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