Bingyao Chen

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The inability of the CNS to regenerate in adult mammals propels us to reveal associated proteins involved in the injured CNS. In this paper, either thoracic laminectomy (as sham control) or thoracic spinal cord transection was performed on male adult rats. Five days after surgery, the whole spinal cord tissue was dissected and fractionated into(More)
The purpose of the present study is to test whether chemically extracted acellular nerve segments can be used to repair the sciatic nerve gap. Fifteen canines were divided into acellular nerve allografting group (ANG, six canines), autografting group (AG, six canines), and fresh nerve allografting group (FNG, three canines). The sciatic nerves on the right(More)
PURPOSE This study aims to accelerate MR temperature imaging using the proton resonance frequency (PRF) shift method for real time temperature monitoring during thermal ablation. MATERIALS AND METHODS The proposed method estimates temperature changes from undersampled k-space with a fully sampled center. This proposed algorithm is based on the hybrid(More)
To develop a self-adaptive and fast thermometry method by combining the original hybrid magnetic resonance thermometry method and the bio heat transfer equation (BHTE) model. The proposed Kalman filtered Bio Heat Transfer Model Based Self-adaptive Hybrid Magnetic Resonance Thermometry, abbreviated as KalBHT hybrid method, introduced the BHTE model to(More)
PURPOSE To develop an acceleration method for MR temperature estimation using model-based proton resonance frequency (PRF) shift method. MATERIALS AND METHODS Images of 16 different echo times (TE) were acquired in one RF excitation using a multi-echo gradient-recalled echo (GRE) sequence. Fully sampled k-space data were retrospectively under-sampled at a(More)
Recovery from spinal cord injury (SCI) after mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) implantation is minimal due to the limited capacity for the reduction in the cystic cavitation, the axonal regeneration, and neural plasticity in the spinal cord. We combined MSC implantation with neurotrophin gene therapy in an attempt to enhance regeneration and functional recovery(More)
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