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Falls are one of the major causes leading to injury of elderly people. Using wearable devices for fall detection has a high cost and may cause inconvenience to the daily lives of the elderly. In this paper, we present an automated fall detection approach that requires only a low-cost depth camera. Our approach combines two computer vision(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel three-dimensional combining features method for sign language recognition. Based on the Kinect depth data and the skeleton joints data, we acquire the 3D trajectories of right hand, right wrist and right elbow. To construct feature vector, the paper uses combining location and spherical coordinate feature representation.(More)
Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) for Single-hidden Layer Feedforward Neural Network (SLFN) has been attracting attentions because of its faster learning speed and better generalization performance than those of the traditional gradient-based learning algorithms. However, it has been proven that generalization performance of ELM classifier depends critically(More)
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