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We consider nonlinear mappings f : X → Y between Banach spaces and study the notion of restrictive metric regularity of f around some point ¯ x, that is, metric regularity of f from X into the metric space E = f (X). Some sufficient as well as necessary and sufficient conditions for restrictive metric regularity are obtained, which particularly include an(More)
A single-chain magnet (SCM) was constructed from manganese(III) 5,10,15-tris(pentafluorophenyl)corrole complex [Mn(III) (tpfc)] through supramolecular π-π stacking without bridging ligands. In the crystal structures, [Mn(tpfc)] molecules crystallized from different solvents, such as methanol, ethyl acetate, and ethanol, exhibit different molecular(More)
The primary goal of this paper is to study some notions of normals to nonconvex sets in finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional spaces and their images under single-valued and set.-valued mappings. The main motivation for our study comes from variational analysis and optimization. ·where the problems under consideration play a crucial role in many(More)
We have investigated the dynamics of the magnetization of three four-coordinate mononuclear cobalt(II) compounds, which are synthesized conveniently and are air stable. Slow magnetic relaxation effects were observed for the compounds in the presence of a dc magnetic field.
Dedicated to Bert Jongen in honor of his 60th birthday The paper concerns new aspects of generalized differentiation theory that plays a crucial role in many areas of modern variational analysis, optimization, and their applications. In contrast to the majority of previous developments, we focus here on generalized differentiation of parameter-dependent(More)
Rutin, one of the metabolites of the flavonoid pathway, shows great potential in industrial applications as a key component in pharmaceutical medicines and biological pesticides. Although the genetic manipulation of transcription factors (TFs) could increase rutin levels in plants, the accompanying accumulation of structurally similar chemicals complicates(More)
Complexes of new Schiff base ligands generated in situ from the reaction of 1-aminoglycerol, aldehydes, and metal ions are reported. [Cu4(HL(1))4] (1) and [Ni4O(HL(1))3(H2O)3)]⋅6 H2O⋅DMF⋅DMSO (2) have M4O4 cubane cores, with the L/M molar ratios of 4:4 and 3:4, respectively. [Mn(III)3Mn(II)NaOCl4(HL(1))3]⋅3 MeCN (3) has a unique pentanuclear trigonal(More)
The geometry structure, dissociation energy, vibrational frequencies, and low-lying spin-state energy spectrum of Mn2+ are investigated by using ab initio CASSCF/ECP10MDF, complete active space self-consistent field/atomic natural orbital basis sets (CASSCF/ANO-s), CASPT2/ECP10MDF, and second-order perturbation theory with CASSCF reference function/atomic(More)
A neutral mononuclear Fe(II) complex with spin crossover (SCO) properties, Fe2(SCN)2 (1) (L = 2-(2-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-1H-imidazo[4,5-f][1,10]phenanthroline), was solvothermally synthesized. It displays a new example of two-step SCO with Tc1↓ = 250 K, Tc1↑ = 260 K and Tc2 = 295 K.