Bingwen Shen

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Salient objects extraction from a still image is a very hot topic, as it owns a lot of useful applications (e.g., image compression, content-based image retrieval, digital watermarking). In this paper, targeted to improve the performance of the extraction approach, we propose a two step salient objects extraction framework based on image segmentation and(More)
Existing route recommendation systems have two main weaknesses. First, they usually recommend the same route for all users and cannot help control traffic jam. Second, they do not take full advantage of real-time traffic to recommend the best routes. To address these two problems, we develop a real-time route recommendation system, called R3, aiming to(More)
In this paper, a novel network planning process of the Mobile WiMAX for Railway (WiMAX-R) network is proposed. We first analyze the factors need considered in network planning. After introducing the WiMAX-R network architecture, the WiMAX-R network planning process is presented in detail. The process comprises application analysis, capacity prediction,(More)
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