Bingtuan Gao

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— A miniature robot with continuous jumping ability is presented in this paper. The robot has a dimension about 6cm × 8cm × 2cm and weighs 20 grams. To achieve continuous jumping, various mechanisms are needed including the jumping mechanism, energy store and release mechanism, self-righting mechanism, and jumping direction changing mechanism. The design(More)
— We present the design and implementation of a new jumping robot for mobile sensor network. Unlike other jumping robots, the robot is based on a simple two-mass-spring model. After we throw it on ground, it can stabilize itself and then jump once. The detailed mechanism design including the load holding and self-stabilization are presented. Jumping heights(More)
— The translational oscillation with a rotational actuator (TORA) system has been used as a benchmark for motivating the study of nonlinear control techniques. In this paper, modeling and control of a novel 2-dimensional TORA (2DTORA) are presented. The 2DTORA is an underactuated mechanical system which has one actuated rotor and two unactuated(More)
— Mobile sensors with jumping ability provide several advantages compared with the traditional wheeled sensors such as ability to move in rugged terrain. A controllable jumping robot for this purpose is described in this paper. The robot has dimension about 9.5cm × 9cm × 3cm and weighs 54.1 grams. It can perform the jumping process continuously. This paper(More)
The plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) has attracted more and more attention because of the energy crisis and environmental pollution, which is also the main shiftable load of the residential users' demand side management (DSM) system in the future smart grid (SG). In this paper, we employ game theory to provide an autonomous energy management system among(More)
— This paper presents our recently developed hu-manoid neck system that can effectively mimic motion of human neck with very low motion noises. The feature of low motion noises allows our system to work like a real human head/neck. Thus the level of acoustic noises from wearable equipments, such as donning respirators or chemical-resistant jackets, induced(More)
Taking advantage of two-way communication infrastructure and bidirectional energy trading between utility companies and customers in the future smart grid (SG), autonomous energy management programs become crucial to the demand-side management (DSM). Most of the existing autonomous energy management schemes are for the scenario with a single utility company(More)
approach, the calibration method is extended to identify the offset parameters with an uncalibrated laser tool. The position errors of the PPD and the sensitivities of error in the PSD plane to the variation of joint angles are analyzed. Two different robot configuration patterns are compared by implementing the calibration method. Both simulation and real(More)
Feasible real-time swing angle measurement is significant to improve the efficiency and safety of industrial crane systems. This paper presents a wireless microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-based swing angle measurement system. The system consists of two attitude heading reference system (AHRS) sensing units with a wireless communication function, which(More)
With the rapid development of wind energy, relay protection for large-scale wind farms has been attracting some researchers, due to the absence of standards. Based on the large-scale doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind farms located in Gansu Province, China, this paper studies the differential protection for the outgoing power transformer of(More)